The Antigo Public Library is excited to announce that we will be offering 5th-12th graders, teachers, and parents a STEM-based learning opportunity during the Summer of 2023.  On July 6 and 7 we will be hosting two free all-day workshops for students and teachers. The workshops will introduce engineering, electronics and coding using Arduino. They will be taught by Gearbox Labs with grant funds provided to them by the VELA Education Fund. Our partners at the Northcentral Technical College will be providing laptops that the learners can use during the classes.  Participating teachers or families will receive a FREE STEAM kit and project book they can take home.

The workshops are being held on July 6 and 7 from 9 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. July 6 is for students in grades 5-12 and July 7 is for educators (homeschool parents encouraged to register!) Lunch and snacks are provided at no cost. Registration is required to attend. We can accept up to 20 participants at each workshop. For the student workshop this means 20 total families and for the teacher workshop it means 20 total individual educators. Participants can find a link to register at Families with more than one child only have to register once and note the other children in the notes area of the registration form.

The workshops will cover computer science concepts including line/text-based coding in C++, variables, loops, libraries, data types, mapping, inputs and outputs, subroutines, functions, and operations. Engineering concepts covered will include digital versus analog signals, PWM signals, reading schematics, resistor selection, circuits, prototyping, servos, and polarity.  Technologies like microcontrollers, diodes, resistors, servos, and buzzers will be explored and science concepts like Ohm’s Law, light-color mixing and sound frequency will be discussed.

“We are so excited to have this amazing partnership with NTC and Gearbox Labs to bring a dynamic and interactive learning experience to our youth and those who teach them.” said library director Ada Demlow.

“I have met personally with one of the lead instructors, Peter Haydcock, and was impressed by his passion for bringing this important learning to students all over our state.” she said.

Demlow added that having Northcentral Technical College enthusiastically offer to loan laptops was icing on the cake. “It is wonderful to have partners who understand the value of this project and are willing to share resources to make it the best experience possible.” she said. “Having an NTC campus here is Antigo is wonderful treasure.” she added.

The Vela Education Fund supports programs that exist to serve learners and families participating in unconventional learning outside the traditional public, private and charter school settings. Gearbox Labs is presenting these workshops all over the state with the support of Vela.

Gearbox labs also offers free web-based learning opportunities. To learn more about this visit:

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