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Bedtime Stories

Each Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 pm we air a bedtime story read by a member of the library staff or a member of our community.

These stories are premiered on Facebook Live Premiere and available on our You Tube channel on that day as well. The link to our YouTube playlist is here.

Story Time, Any Time

Story Time, Any Time

We have created a variety of playlists to make story time available any time it fits into your schedule and to provide an alternative when in-person programs are not held.

Below is a just a sampling of what is available on our channel. Many of these playlists are public others are unlisted and can only be accessed directly by the links provided.

Antigo Public Library You Tube Channel

Bedtime Stories

Story Time Songs and Rhymes

Virtual Learning Space

Virtual Learning Spaces and Reading Challenges

The Youth Services Librarian creates Seasonal Learning Quests throughout the year that have both virtual and in-person activities. Click here for the latest quest. The virtual portions of these quests are organized in Virtual Learning Spaces that are interactive spaces with links to games, videos, stories and other activities.  When new spaces are created we will share the links here as well as on our Facebook page.

The Questioneers Virtual Learning Space

2022 Spring Learning Quest Virtual Learning Space


Digital Breakout Games

The Youth Services Department subscribes to which provides access to a platform for creating original breakout games and accessing games created by others. These games are similar to escape rooms in that youth use their knowledge to answer quesions and solve puzzles that lead to codes needed to open digital locks.

We create games and provide links to existing games that connect to our programs and learning quests. We will share these links through facebook and our virtual learning spaces, and will also keep a comprehensive list here.

Story Walk Bird Breakout Game

Meet the Questioneers created by Ada Demlow

Five Curious Scientists created by Breakoutedu

Page Turner Ocean Adventures

Page Turner Virtual Adventures

Page Turner Adventures are back in 2022 with 4 weeks of adventures. There are three videos to watch each week. If you want to earn book bucks you can also read books by the featured authors and complete a breakout game connected to each week’s theme. Click here to link to all the fun.

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