Get a Library Card

Free for all WI residents.

Applicant must provide identification with their current address. 

Acceptable identification include

  • driver’s license
  • state ID
  • current military ID
  • green card
  • passport

    If the acceptable identification does not have a current address on it, a bill, paystub or rent certificate with the current address and a dated within the last month will be sufficient as proof of address, along with the ID.

    If a current address is unavailable there will be a circulation limit of 2 items at one time.

Minors, defined as 17 years or younger, must have their Library Card application signed by a legal guardian. Upon parent/guardian request the library will disclose library records of their child’s use of library resources. This reflects library patron privacy as stated in WI statute 43.30.

Parents or legal guardians who wish to limit items that their minor children (under 18, as stated in WI state Statute 990.01(20)) check out need to speak to library staff to have appropriate message placed on that minor’s card. Library staff will do their best to honor the parent’s or legal guardian’s wishes as long as it does not cause undo hardship on library staff or degrade library service for other library patrons.

Read the full circulation policy here.

Check out times are as follows:

New books 14-days.
Regular books 21-days
Audio books on CD 21-days (new and regular)
Single movies 7-days
Movies in a set 14-days