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Please call the library for more information at 715-623-3724.

Library Cards

Adult Library Card Application

Juvenile Library Card Application

Adultos Solicitud Para Los Privilegios de Préstamos de la Biblioteca 

MENORES Solicitud Para Los Privilegios de Préstamos de la Biblioteca

Library cards are issued free to all WI residents.  No fee will be charged for changes of name, address, and phone numbers.  To receive a card, an applicant must furnish one piece of identification with their current address.  Acceptable identification includes a driver’s license, state ID, current military ID, or a passport. If the acceptable identification does not have a current address on it, a bill, paystub or rent certificate with the current address and a dated within the last month will be sufficient as proof of address, along with the ID. If a current address is unavailable there will be a circulation limit of 2 items at one time.

Minors, defined as 16 years or younger, must have their Library Card application signed by a parent or legal guardian. Minors who have a WI ID or driver’s license may get a card without parent or legal guardian signature. Upon parent/guardian request the library will disclose library records of their child’s use of library resources. This reflects library patron privacy as stated in WI statute 43.30.

Parents or legal guardians who wish to limit items that their minor children (under 18, as stated in WI state Statute 990.01(20)) check out need to speak to library staff to have appropriate message placed on that minor’s card. Library staff will do their best to honor the parent’s or legal guardian’s wishes as long as it does not cause undo hardship on library staff or degrade library service for other library patrons.

For more information on library cards you can download our circulation policy here

Download our Welcome Brochure to find our when the library has to offer!

Classroom and Library Visits In-Person or Virtual

Our Youth Services Librarian will make classroom visits to talk about the library and our summer reading program.

Class visits to the library are also offered library visits with our Youth Services Librarian.

Our Youth Services Librarian can also assist in virtual programs with parents, students and teachers.

Please call 715-623-3724 and ask for Ada to set up either of these visit to the library.

Interlibrary Loan

If you cannot find the book or movie you are looking for within our WVLS system you can fill out an ILL request form and we will go outside our system to look for your request.

You do have to have a library card and you also cannot have a fine of $5.00 or higher.

Obituary Services

August 28, 2023 – Please Note
Our microfilm printer is currently not operating. We are unable to provide the obituary service until further notice.

The library will look up obituaries from local papers to the best of our abilities with the information provided to us.

When sending in an obituary request please send as much information as possible such as death date, date or date range the obituary appeared in the paper if possible, full name and or nickname of person or persons obituary you are requesting.

Please send a self-addressed envelope to:

Antigo Public Library Attn: ILL Librarian
617 Clermont St.
Antigo, WI. 54409

A $5.00 donation is appreciated

You can also do this on your own using our microfilm machines and computers.
Printouts are $0.20 per page

Leland Fischer started the Antigo Genealogy Gopher Website
Antigo Genealogy Gopher Website
He has indexed 54,772 obituaries from all six of Langlade County’s newspapers from 1882 to 2017

Outreach Services

The library will deliver material to patrons who cannot come into the library either on a permanent or semi-permanent basis.

The third Wednesday of the month we visit the Elcho Nutrition Site from 11:30 to 12:30.

Every Wednesday we visit The Bay at Eastview nursing home at 3:00.

Every Thursday we visit Pine Meadow Apartments, Rosalia Gardens, and Rosalia Gardens Adult Day Care at 3:00.

We also make in home visits when requested by our patrons.

 Thanks to the Libraries Transforming Communities from the American Library Association we were able to purchase BiFolkal Kits to help bring back memeories of days gone bye learn more with the BiFolkal Kits Brochure.

Please contact Elizabeth S. to sign up for this service or fill out our Outreach Brochure.


Black and white printing is $0.20 per side 8.5″x11″, $0.30 per side for 8.5″ x14″,  $0.40 per side on 11″x17″.

Color printing is $1.00 per side 8.5″x11″, $1.50 per side for 8.5″x14″, and $2.00 per side on 11″x17″.

Scanning to email costs $0.20 a page we will not scan a document to a third party.

Laminating costs $2.00 per foot.

Faxing costs $2.50 for the first page and $1.00 for every page after. 

Public Computers/WiFi


We offer free access to computers and free WiFi.

You do need a library card to access the public computers.

Children 12 and under have access to filtered internet computers however, they do need parental consent to use them whether they are going to use the internet or not  you can download the Parental Consent form here.

64 mbps down load speed and 57 mbps upload speed.

For more information about computer access you can download our computer and internet use policy here.

Technology Help

Need help with your E reader, tablet, or laptop or having trouble with Overdrive and/or Libby?

Call 715-623-3724 to set up an appointment with Maria P. , Elizabeth S. or Ada D.

Antigo Public Library, Main
617 Clermont St.
Antigo, WI 54409
Phone: 715-623-3724
Fax: 715-627-2317

Elcho Branch Library
Elcho High School, Highway 45 North Elcho, WI 54428-0800
Phone: 715-275-3225 ext. 1815

White Lake Branch
White Lake Village Hall, 615 School Street White Lake, WI 54491-0008
Phone: 715-882-8525

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