Antigo Public Library Board of Trustees

The general function of a public library trustee in Wisconsin is to participate as a member of a team– in this case, the library board– to protect and advance the interests of the broader community by effectively governing the operations and promoting the development of the local public library. Serving as a public library trustee takes serious commitment. This includes having the ability to attend and participate fully in board meetings, a willingness to become familiar with Wisconsin library laws, standards for libraries; an eagerness to understand the principles and practices of providing quality and equitable library service; and a strong commitment to freedom of expression and inquiry for all people.

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Sheryl Perkins

Library Board President: Policy Committee & Finance and Personnel committee

211 Sunset Dr.
Antigo, WI 54409
Sheryl’s Email
First Appointed: 08/14/19
Term expires: 04/30/2023

Moira Scupien

Library Board Vice President & Building and Grounds committee, & Finance and Personnel committee

Home: 715-350-1683
W11085 Hwy 64
Antigo, WI 54409
Moira’s Email
First Appointed: 04/17/2018
Term expires: 04/30/2024


Ben Pierce

Langlade County Rep

Phone: 715-610-6430
N6289 Woodland Drive
White Lake, WI 54491
Ben’s Email
First Appointed: 05/01/2022
Term expires: 04/30/2025

Ken Shestak

Policy committee chair

Phone: 715-623-6555
W7290 Price Polar Rd.
Bryant, WI. 54418
Ken’s Email
First Appointed: 04/19/2016
Term Expires: 04/30/2024

Barbara Rebstock

Policy committee, Foundation (City of Antigo rep)

Home: 715-623-3655
Cell: 715-610-6679
1122 McMillan St.
Antigo, WI. 54409
Barbara’s Email
First Appointed: 04/24/2018
Term Expires: 04/30/2025

Becki Kassis

Building and Grounds chair

Home: 715-623-7123
Cell: 715-216-2153
813 Deleglise St.
Antigo, WI. 54409
Becki’s Email
First Appointed: 04/20/2021
Term expires: 04/30/2024

Gloria Rettinger

Finance and Personnel (alternate), Foundation (Langland county rep)

Phone: 715-216-1507
9173 County Rd F
Antigo, WI 54409
Gloria’s Email
First Appointed: 10/23/18
Term Expires: 04/30/2023

Abby Mattek

School System Representative

Phone: 715-216-0594
N1057 Hwy HH
Antigo, WI 54409
Abby’s Email
First Appointed: 01/15/2023
Term Expires: 04/30/2026

Carol McDougal

Langlade County Rep

Phone: 610-849-3420
230 E. North Avenue
Antigo, WI 54409
Carol’s Email
First appointed: 4/25/2023
Term Expires:    4/30/2025


Ada Demlow

Library Director

Ex-Officio, Board Secretary
Phone: 715-623-3724
617 Clermont Street
Antigo, WI 54409
Ada’s Email

Upcoming Agendas 
Minutes for these meetings will be placed in the folder above.

May 15 Finance and Personnel Committee Agenda
May 23 Policy Committee Agenda
May 23 Full Board Agenda


Antigo Public Library Bylaws

Trustee Essentials Handbook

Antigo Public Library, Main
617 Clermont St.
Antigo, WI 54409
Phone: 715-623-3724
Fax: 715-627-2317

Elcho Branch Library
Elcho High School, Highway 45 North Elcho, WI 54428-0800
Phone: 715-275-3225 ext. 1815

White Lake Branch
White Lake Village Hall, 615 School Street White Lake, WI 54491-0008
Phone: 715-882-8525