Friends of the Antigo Public Library, UA

What is a Friend of the Library?

The Friends of the Antigo Public Library is a membership organization that supports the library in three ways: Fundraising, Volunteerism and Advocacy.

  • The Friends engage in small-scale fundraising to support library programs and purchases of special materials like STEM kits or materials for our early literacy center.
  • A Friend may also volunteer at an event or with a task to support the library.
  • Friends also advocate for the library by publicizing its programs and services and communicating to public officials and the community about the library‚Äôs needs.

What does the UA stand for?

The UA stands for Unincorporated Association. The Friends are an unincorporated nonprofit association. This means that they are limited to smaller-scale fundraising and that gifts made to them are not tax-deductible.

If you wish to make a tax-deductible gift to the library, no worries! You can do that by making a donation to the Antigo Public Library Foundation, Inc. The foundation focuses on supporting the library through estate donations, grants, memorials, etc. The Foundation supports major projects like our solar project, purchase of our outreach vehicle and support for our early learning play center.