Call to Action for the Week of February 19

Link here to the presentation given by Ada Demlow, Library Director, about our 2025 funding crisisl

Attend the County Board Administrative Committee meeting being held at 4:30 p.m. in the lower level of the Public Safety building. Stand outside with a sign, come into the meeting and listen OR speak during public comment. Link to agenda here.

Do you need to find out who your elected officials are?  Visit this link: and do a search by name or address to find all of your officials from local to national. Visit this page for the phone number of your county supervisor Or call the library at 715-623-3724 and we can help you.

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How is the Library Funded?

The funding of the Antigo Public Library has many facets and layers. The information below can help you understand the basics. You are always free to send questions about this to Ada Demlow, our library director: Click on the images to see them in larger form. Click here if you want to download a pdf of all of these pages. For those wanting to take a deep dive in learning about statutes, bylaws, policies and more concerning libraries, visit our library board page.

The 2025 Budget Crisis that Threatens Current

Library Services and Hours

The Antigo Public Library has been maintaining its services and hours for fourteen years with the same level of “apple” income from the city and county. Learn more about how we have managed to do that for this long and why 2025 is the year that we will no longer be able to continue our services without additional funding. To learn more about how we arrived in this place, please look at the images below. Click here to download a pdf file of these images.

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